Some Outcloud Background

We are a group of young entrepreneurs who have bucked a lot of the dated business practices for a fresh new look at things.  Using innovative marketing models and an out of the box mentality, we utilize all facets of technology to deliver an efficient business strategy that we are eager to share and spread throughout the world.

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What do companies do to reduce costs, wages and overhead while keeping a consistent level of work? They outsource. Soon, what will companies do to reduce costs, reduce overhead while keeping wages and level of work the same? They choose Outcloud. The idea that we are bringing to the table is the ‘ace up the sleeve’ for small business owners - Reduce costs but make your team more efficient and profitable at the same time.

Outcloud Innovates

We know where your audience is. You know where your audience is. They are behind the iPad, in front of the laptop or on their cell phone. Reach them! Your prospective customers are too busy updating social networks and texting that they don't pay attention to your television ad or billboard. Go where the eyes are, and let OutCloud show the way.

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Print. Tv. Radio. The traditional forms of media have been around for decades and have sufficed. Their dominance in marketing is decreasing with modern forms of marketing are gaining in strength.  Statistics show that marketing budgets are decreasing in traditional media and by 2013, mobile and online marketing will be mainstream.  With traditional media decreasing, in steps location based marketing, social media marketing, web and mobile applications.  Business owners find comfort in marketing that they can see and feel. That is why we fully document how our system has grown sales in your business while reducing your advertising and marketing budget.

  • U.S. mobile advertising rose from $421 million in 2006 to $2.8 billion in 2007. (Source: emarketer)
  • On a whole, mobile advertising is estimated to grow at an annual average of 45% to reach $28.8 billion within the next 5 years.
  • Additionally, over the next 5 years, 52% of major brands are projected to spend 5% to 25% of entire ad budget on mobile marketing. (Source: Visiongain – Mobile Advertising And Marketing 2006 – 2011)
  • There are twice as many active SMS users as active users of email.
  • 70% of Direct Marketing Association survey takers reacted to SMS messages sent from suppliers, compared to only a 30% success rate for email.
  • Acquisition in this space has been extremely active over the past 6 months; Quattro Wireless (Acquired by Apple for $275M), AdMob (Acquired by Google for $750M)

    Jump into the SMS Revolution Today

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Social Media

The great thing about social media is it is a machine run by the people. Using proven techniques and goal driven planning, we create a community around your brand or business that sparks up digital conversation and customer interaction. Have a social media marketing plan is the cornerstone to having an effective campaign. Why would you start a social media project unless you were able to track it and prove that it works?

We are social media experts

Get Social with Us

At Outcloud we specialize in social media strategy.  We go beyond updates and profiles - we dig deep to develop measurable marketing strategy.

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